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Welcome to my social work practice

About me

My name is Carly, and I have been a social worker since 2017. I’ve known for a long time that pursuing a career in social work was the right path for me. This path is a calling I cannot ignore. After experiencing adversities, social workers helped my family and I to navigate challenging times. I am now dedicated to this profession with the goal of helping to increase the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

When I first started out in this profession, I was working in human rights and housing. My goal was to advocate for individuals, families, and communities to have access to affordable housing. As I worked with over 500 households, I came to realize the interconnectedness of mental health, housing, and affordability. Additionally, what people needed most in times of great difficulty was empathetic listening, and practical and mental health supports. These experiences spurred in me a strong desire to pursue a Master of Social Work degree. I wanted to support people with mental health counselling to a greater capacity.

I have found a way to blend these passions in my social work practice. With dedicated time each week, I advocate for affordable housing in South Etobicoke. I do this in my capacity as Project Manager with the Lakeshore Affordable Housing Advocacy and Action Group (LAHAAG). Additionally, as a social work psychotherapist I am able to see individuals in Ontario and support them in their mental health journeys. As a clinical and community practitioner I feel that each area of work lends kindly to the other and better equips me with resources to support those I can.

Social Work Practice

I believe strongly in a practice that prioritizes the therapeutic alliance and relationship with the people I work with. It is important to me to create a space that is open and non-judgemental where together we work on the goals we set. I take a strengths-based approach that recognizes your resiliency, coping mechanisms, and strategies that you employ daily to overcome life’s struggles.  Together, we will work to tap into your inner strength and find the power within you to lead the life you envision.

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