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Welcome, I aim to create a warm and inviting space for self-exploration, processing emotional experiences, and building deeper connections.

I remember for a long time it was difficult for me to get to a place of true self-compassion. I was holding onto unhelpful thought patterns that made me feel stuck, where growth and healing felt nearly impossible. I felt that sharing my big emotions was a burden to those I loved, so I attempted to deal with everything alone.

This led to a sense of loneliness, and I knew there had to be a better way. I did not know at the time that I was causing my own suffering by not letting go of pain or giving space to process emotions and life experiences. When I began reaching out for support, I was met with compassion, empathy, and understanding and continue to realize ways to build a healthier relationship with myself and those around me.

Now as a therapist, I am working with clients to create a space of empowerment and empathy. It is important for me to create a space that is open and non-judgemental, where true self-exploration and acceptance can take place.

We go through so many life transitions throughout our journeys and often do not have a place to reconcile with who we were then and who are now. We hold negative beliefs about ourselves from past experiences that do not line up with the current day-to-day. By creating this space together, I hope that we can begin the process of healing together.

Counselling and therapy Services

Therapy is an investment in your health. Together, we will create a safe and brave space where you feel supported in your journey.


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Employment and Business Consulting

Finding the right job, funding source, and developing your business venture isn't easy. I am here to make the process smoother and get you or your organization where you want to go.

Let's talk finding work, creating a business, and resource development.


Journaling is a great practice of self-exploration and provides an outlet to unpack our thoughts and feelings.


Gain insight into my methods, ethics and the therapeutic process by reading my professional journal.