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Career & Business Support

We all need support in developing professional resumes, someone to talk to about our career ambitions and to feel unstuck from the jobs that are holding us back from the lifestyle we desire.

Say goodbye to burnout, and hello to thriving.

Career & Business Support
Services and Packages

Helping and Healthcare Professionals

Are you tired of being overworked and underpaid? If you feel you are ready to work with a professional who gets it, can help you develop your resume, and assist you in getting a role you more than deserve, please reach out.


It is important that you know your value, let’s quantify your experiences and get you into the type of job that has you thriving!

Job seekers:

Package 1: $565 CAD (HST Inclusive)

What does this buy me?

6 weeks support in attaining your dream job:

  • 2 50-minute strategy sessions
  • Brand new resume 
  • LinkedIn profile total refresh or creation
  • Unlimited e-mail questions and chat available

Package 2: $1,074 CAD (HST Inclusive)

What does this buy me?

Everything from package 1 AND

  • Additional 2 weeks of support (8 weeks total)
  • Additional 50-minute strategy session
  • Identifying relavant job opportunities
  • Support in your first 3 applications
  • Mock interviews 

*Customizable packages available reach out for a quote

Not sure if this is the right deal for you? Book a free 30-min consultation.

Business’ and Organizations

Are you wanting to start a private practice or non-profit organization, but are not sure how to get started, where to find the confidence from, and need sources of funding? Let's talk. As a non-profit management professional and entrepreneur, I want to help get you started!

Your organization is ready to build capacity. You recognize the need for better business process, to evaluate staff feedback, and to start doing your best work.

I have extensive training and experience in grant writing, research and evaluation, human resources, technology, and project and financial management. I am ready to help your organization do their best work.


Hourly – $100 CAD

Let’s talk needs, wants, and outcomes at our free 30-min consultation. Quotes will be provided following.

Work with me


I help individuals, organizations, and business to reach their potential. It is important to make positive impacts, but that does not have to be at the expense of the bottom line. I strive to connect people to the opportunities and resources they need to do good work and thrive.


I am a social work entrepreneur with over 5-years of experience in business development and non-profit leadership. Regardless of the position held as a volunteer, manager, and business owner I have a knack for turning an idea into action. The real work that people do off the side of their desk, I turn into funded projects, new business ventures, and dream careers for like-minded people who want to wake up every day and do good.

I am on a mission to show others that you can follow your heart, realize your vision, do good work for your community, and make the numbers work for you.



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