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5 signs it’s time to consider talk therapy

What is Talk Therapy?

Talk therapy or psychotherapy is a method of communication between therapists and clients. The goal of talk therapy is to work towards positive changes for individuals and families, such as increased emotional and social well-being. Psychotherapy is beneficial for anyone that is experiencing stress, life transitions, intense emotions, or seeking self-improvement. Each session you get a dedicated professional who listens to life experiences, thoughts, and feelings and offers their perspective.

People often know that something is off, yet it is common to rationalize not needing therapy because others have it worse. Therefore they should just be able to deal with the issues they are experiencing. The problem this mentality presents is that it is creating an unmet need. Mental health and life circumstances are not meant to be compared to others. When people are at their best, they inspire and help others to want the same for themselves. 

When Should I Consider Talk Therapy?

Regulating your emotions has become difficult

A range of emotions is necessary to our human experience including sadness, joy, anger, and fear. However, when emotions become harder to self-manage or coping strategies are no longer working, is when emotional distress may be occurring. Find a therapist who can help to navigate uncertain times and develop mechanisms that can support growth and healing.

Relationships have become hard to build and maintain

Difficult life experiences and emotional distress may be reasons that people isolate themselves from those they feel most connected with. In turn, this can lead to feelings of loneliness and despair that further add to the emotional upheaval that was being felt in the first place. Therapy can be the supportive environment needed to develop healthy relationships. By understanding the connectedness of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours gives insight into why relationships have become complex.

The activities that used to bring you joy are now disinteresting 

To lose interest in the things that you loved to do can signal a feeling of emptiness, loss of motivation, or purpose. These feelings may be a sign that you are experiencing depression or another mood disorder. When this happens, talking with a professional can be beneficial to understand the root causes of this experience. Getting to talk to someone about the way you are feeling, can help with getting back on track and do enjoyable activities again.

You are experiencing grief

Grief can take many forms in our lives, it could be the loss of someone close to us, separation and divorce from your significant other, growing pains, and many others. Regardless of the circumstances, grief can be a long and painful process. It is important to seek out personal and professional help to support you in your journey.  

You are seeking growth and improvement but are not sure where to start

Therapy is a place for authentic self-exploration, healing, and a place to gain insights and perspectives on life. People have a sense that some changes need to be made, whether that be breaking unhealthy coping mechanisms, ending self-destructive behaviours, or gaining emotional intelligence. Growth and improvement can be worked on between therapist and client, where goals are set together.

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